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How can you help someone with depression?

How can you help someone with depression?

It’s really hard and confusing to be someone who’s depressed. The fact that your loved one is constantly unhappy makes you feel sad, tired and exhausted after a while. So how can you help your close

Clinical Psychologist Kelly Robinson, one of the psychologists, advised people whose relatives were suffering from depression:

“Depression is different from our daily sadness. There is no such thing as depression, which is justified by the society after a sad event, although it is normal to meet depression.

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The hormonal, psychological and behavioral changes occur in the depressed person.

Person’s functionality may be impaired; getting out of bed, taking a shower, changing the top may not even do ordinary work for everyone. There may be symptoms of depression, such as intubation, unwillingness to speak, weight loss or increase, insomnia or over-compliance.

The severity of the symptoms separating the sadness from the depression, the duration and the person’s experiences about what they do “No longer means anything”, “I’ll never be happy again” like unhealthy comments. If there are significant behavioral changes associated with severe distress, and if they last longer than two weeks, you should consult a specialist.

If you think the situation is like depression, the first thing to do is to let an expert evaluate it. If your relative is uncertain about getting help, sometimes you can suggest that you take the appointment or that you accompany him / her to a psychiatrist and help you to start treatment.

If your relative isn’t willing to treat you, try to understand why. He may think this is normal. Depression is like a vortex in which the human falls heavily, and most of the time people find themselves at the bottom of the well without even realizing the initial stages of decline. Making him / her aware of depression can persuade him / her to give him / her treatment.

A lot of people may be embarrassed to express this fact, though they realize that they are in depression, but because they see it as their own weakness. Explain that the fact that you cannot cope with your feelings is not due to the lack of desires, but because of the serious changes caused by depression in the hormones and the functioning of your brain.

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Contact Him

To be polite, do not allow your relative to refuse or stay away from your meeting requests. Be in closer contact with him. Go see him / her, make phone calls, if you’re away.

Talk to him. Contrary to what is known, talking about depression does not cause the person in depression to feel worse. On the contrary, it allows you to get close to it, understand what’s on your mind, and intervene in the required situation. Make sure you listen to him without judging him. Many people feel that a relative has to find a solution when they share their problems. However, even just listening helps. “I’m sorry you feel this way, how can I support you?” or “Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?” mean that it will work in most cases.

Encourage your relative to increase physical activity; invite him to go out for walks. Do not plan very long and complex activities; they may feel worse because they cannot do so; You can start from simple events at short and close distances. Help the house sweep, cook, work. You may not find energy alone to do them. Even in everyday depression, depression can be disrupted. Encourage him / her to look after herself.

Do Not Drop off Him Even If You Offended.

If you do not see a significant improvement despite all your help efforts, even if you do not reach him do not get disappointed. Don’t walk away. Your help may not
accept your offers immediately. He might even be angry at you for insisting on trying to help. This anger towards you as you try to support it can break you, or even annoy you, and even make you want to get away from it. Don’t personalize his reluctance and reluctance. The reluctance to be treated in a depressed person is something that is expected due to the nature of the disease. Remember that in such a situation, the comments of despair and “Nothing will change” are also part of depression.

Even if you make unrealistic interpretations such as “Life is meaningless, nothing will work, nothing in my life has ever been”, try not to object with sentences such as “Do it or not” and prove the absurdity of your thoughts. If you try to do that, what is ultimately the result is a discussion with you and a little more deterioration of your morale. Don’t underestimate him / her feelings, but on the one hand help him / her see realistic interpretations, give him / her hope.

Do not blame yourself for not being able to help him / her enough. You’re probably doing your best. But support and treatment are separate things; Do not take responsibility for improving your relative in depression. No matter how close you can be limited to what you can do for it

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