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Feeling of chipping and Stinging at your Eyes

     Feeling of chipping and Stinging at your Eyes

     If you have a feeling of chipping and stinging

Ophthalmologists warned about eye tumors. conjunctiva; a thin, transparent, mucous membrane that covers the inner part of the eyelids and the white part of our eyes, ie the anterior part of the sclera. In order to protect the tissues of the eye, it covers the entire eye surface except the cornea and acts as the first defense tool.

For this reason, it is a membrane that reacts first in a problem with our eyes and shows this reaction by blushing, blooding, burring and stinging. It doesn’t appear to be a whitish color
in normal healthy condition, it gets a red color because it contains intense blood vessels in the slightest discomfort.

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It is known that the diagnosis of conjunctival tumors may be difficult because they are similar to some other conjunctival lesions. The most common complaints of the patients at the time of admission are mass. In addition, the patient is diagnosed incidentally by redness, swelling, stinging, burring and sometimes in a patient who applied for eyeglasses examination. Early diagnosis and treatment of these lesions is important in preserving the patient’s visual abilities, preventing the development of cosmetic deformity and preventing eye loss. History is of great importance in diagnosis.

The patient is asked whether he has any previous lesion in the conjunctiva, trauma, exposure to petroleum products, smoking, history of chronic viral infection, systemic diseases and medications. The history of the disease is as short as 6 months. Delay in the period of referral may undoubtedly lead to difficulty in treating the disease and an increase in the recurrence rate of the disease.

Patients should undergo a complete ophthalmologic examination. In addition, the presence of the lesions, the prevalence, the residential area is examined. The presence of metastatic disease should be examined. Ultrasonography, Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance (MR) can be used as imaging methods.

The exact diagnosis is made by biopsy. Various methods such as tumor removal, additional cryotherapy, intraoperative antineoplastic agent use, postoperative antineoplastic agent use, enucleation, exenteration, radiotherapy and palliative treatment are used in the treatment of this disease group.

There is no single approach to the treatment of conjunctival neoplasia. Each patient should be considered separately. Although many treatment methods are used, primary treatment is surgery. When the defect is small, it can be closed by primary closure techniques. However, most cases are large tumors. Conjunctival flaps, conjunctival grafts, oral mucosal grafts or recently preferred amniotic membrane transplantation can be applied in large defects.

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