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Causes of Human Loneliness

    Causes of Human Loneliness

The feeling of loneliness is one of man’s deepest fears. The person who experiences this feeling feels weak,

powerless, useless, unsupported, exhausted and deprived.

This psychological state, which breaks people from their relatives and society, can cause dangerous diseases, and in time, increases the frustration and hopelessness of the person; he could even drag the person into suicide.

While sincere and friendly relationships are vital to human well-being and health, why are people alone in family, relatives, friends and society?

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Why does one perceive the people around him as a threat and why is he concerned and distanced from them?

Loneliness usually results from problems that occur during the relationship of the individual with other people. Various factors such as psychological status, character, economic conditions, friends, gender, family structure, growing style, education level of the person affect the health of the relations. If relationships are unhealthy, a feeling of loneliness may

There are some lonely people, their state is related to the purpose of their lives and their expectations from life. These people are either selfish, they do not like anyone other than themselves they do not think about others and they are interested or they want to be the only authority, to be loved and respected by all.

At the same time, they exhibit an attitude of supremacy, magnitude and difference to the people, groups and the community that they want to see and expect to value.

They look down on people and just like themselves. This attitude and expectations are the main cause of loneliness in the future. Because people are different from themselves, the far away, not the one that looks superior; At the same level, they value what is in the same culture. Again, the people are modest, they share the joys and sorrows of the ordinary people, the area of ​​their hearts, the people who are smiling on their faces, the ones who fall in love and the people who count.

Such people always see love and reverence from all walks of society. On the other hand, people who see people as low, small and worthless and do not extend their hands are never loved and nobody wants to approach them. Therefore, such people can never find a true friend, they cannot find an intimate friend who can pour out their inner world and share their troubles. While he has property, property, money, and a high office, the affinity and affection that is shown to him are only flattery and oiliness.

When such a person loses his / her status, the power, wealth or health arising from his or her position, no one is left around it. It is then that he understands the error he made, how he condemns himself to loneliness. But as a “person of people,” it is time to establish fraternal relations with others.

In society, there are people who are the prisoners of such negative feelings, as well as other people who think not only of themselves but others. Even this altruism is so advanced in some people that he acts selflessly against the interests, prefers others to himself, and he asks that his friend, his brother, not win over the sins.

Such virtuous people look at things from the perspective of themselves, not from the point of view of themselves. But they try not to live but to keep alive. These people are never alone, their lovers never leave their surroundings. There is such a big difference between the selfish, the human type and the non-selfish, self-sacrificing type of human being.

Another reason that separates people from other people and pushes them to solitude, “As the financial gain of the person increases, the status of the society increases.” in the form of a false acceptance and understanding. According to this understanding, the basic source of the reputation of the person is the property, property and property. Unfortunately, this understanding has embraced the whole society today; eco

nomy, property, purchase and consumption almost became the sole purpose of life. The number of such ministers in life in modern cities, especially in large cities, is not very small. Neighborhood and kinship relations in these families are far from sincerity and quite formal.

Interviews are mandatory and not frequent.

As a result, the loneliness of both men and women increases as age progresses. This usually begins in women at an earlier age. In such a society, relationships are based on the interests, not on values ​​such as love, respect, brotherhood, solidarity, altruism.

In a society where relationships are based on interest, the extent to which you are to be shown to you depends on the extent to which you are to whom. If there is no interest, the relationships become contrived and the person feels lonely even though he is in the community.

On the other hand, although families with low lifestyles and low-income lifestyles are low-income, their social relations are warmer, unpopular and frequent. This clearly shows that those who apply good morals, mobs and doctrines
to your life do not fall easily to loneliness, albeit poor. That’s the snow

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